Wow, the past 7 months sure flew by

So, it’s been a little while.

No sense in pretending my resolution to blog more frequently went well, because it didn’t. Ah well, I’m getting back on the horse as they say.

You may be wondering where I’ve been – it’s unlikely, but I’m an optimist. The past half year has been really hard. And really long! Why is it that the hard days take so much longer to pass, and the wonderful days are over before you can blink?

The Mr. lived in Switzerland from June – December for his new job, and it was agony having him be away. Have you ever had a little piece of you die every day? That’s what it felt like. Like my internal organs were being ripped out one centimeter at a time. Remember that last scene in Braveheart where William Wallace is being executed by the scary masked man? It was like that, but in ultra slow motion mode. But it’s over now, he’s back (!!), and life is good again. More on that later.

The summer, according to my iphone. (Also, this makes me long for summer to come again, even though it is usually my least favorite season)


Paul left. This is what six months worth of luggage looks like, and it was terrible. Leopold was concerned he when he wasn’t zipped in to the last bag. It made for an exciting subway trip to the airport though!

ImageLeo and I consoled ourselves with Rose on the stoop. Sometimes, that’s just what it takes.

photo 3

The best Leo snuggles.  He kept me sane.

ImageFilm crews took over our street several times throughout the summer. I snapped this little gem at 7am from the top of my stoop, still in my pajamas, as I was taking Leo out for an early morning bathroom walk. Pretty humbling. Also – sign me up for a full makeup and lighting team to follow me around at all times.

ImageBoating around Manhattan

photo 1

Frenchie hugs are the best kind of hugs

ImageLeo’s walks were spiced up with fireworks a surprising number of times throughout the summer. One of the many perks of living near Central Park.

ImageTrip to DC to take my mind off of things! Thank you dear friends for harboring a lonely soul.


Leopold napped like this a lot


Columbia looked like this most days! This campus kills me every time. How lucky am I?!


I finally learned how to do a sockbun, wore it 4 times, and realized I had completely missed the trend. Ballet buns and jagged cropped bobs are the new thing now? I’ll catch up with everyone in 2017.

ImageThe little man turned 1 year old!

ImageI spent a lot of time doing this. Probably a little too much time. Me, a dear friend, and a glass of Riesling just go together so well on long summer nights without my man.

ImageAnddd…teaser shot of Switzerland! Thoughts on a spouse abroad and making the most of a short visit coming soon. But for now, that’s all. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Wow, the past 7 months sure flew by

    • Hi lovejoice, thanks for your kind comment! It’s a start, and we’ll see where the blog goes, so far I’m just having a nice time with it. I loved taking a look at your writing and followed you on bloglovin, can’t wait to see what you write next!


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