A few changes here at BeautyInTheBigCity

When I first decided I was ready to blog, my universe revolved around beauty (I was working in beauty PR), and I was relatively new to Manhattan.

Well, things have changed.

I still love beauty (obsessively love, and Paul gets nervous every time he sees a Sephora/Barneys bag in the house that our bank account will suddenly be much closer to zero), but my world is just a bit bigger now. I have a new job (hooray!), have settled into life in Morningside Heights, have added a dog to the family, and have the joys of travel ahead as Paul starts a career splitting his time between Zug, Switzerland and New York.

I’m not exactly sure what direction this blog will take. It will still document my life as a beauty junkie, with product reviews, swatches, photos, and more, but it will also include anecdotes about my day, my dog, my family, and my life in Manhattan. I like to think of it as encompassing all the beauty that life in the big city has to offer.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for the new posts, new starts, and new chapters for BeautyInTheBigCity. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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