Sorry I’ve been radio silent…

I have been an awful blogger lately, which is even more depressing since I have only just started blogging. So by “lately”, I mean 50% of my time as a blogger. Yeah, not my shining moment as a beauty writer.

However, I am unabashedly placing the blame for my lack of time/life/sleep on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which has fully and completely taken over my existence. Do I get to attend any of the glamourous shows with gorgeous models and celebs? No, of course not, that is reserved for people who are much higher above me in the world of PR. However, I get to enjoy the planning stages, errands, general panic, and unbelievable number of events that correspond with NYMBFW. Sigh.

Anyway, I am taking a break between my morning event obligations and evening event obligations to WRITE! (And read, I just finished the March ELLE, which was great and featured two fantastic articles by my friend Janna!)

So….posts are coming. That’s about all I have to say.



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