Review: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation

Just to get this bit out of the way, I don’t think I will ever say that I have a truly favorite foundation. I have favorites of the week, favorites of the weather, favorites for a “bare” face, favorites for going out, but never just one single all-time favorite. So, instead, I have a lovely foundation collection that regularly seems to grow, and favorites that change all of the time.

With that disclaimer behind us, let’s chat about Tom Ford Traceless Foundation. I was very lucky to receive this foundation as a gift from a friend in the beauty industry. I have it in the shade 03 Fawn, and even as a quite fair blonde it is just a touch too light for me.

Before I discuss the attributes of the new Tom Ford Traceless Foundation, let’s just get it out there: this foundation is REALLY expensive. I mean, I love a good beauty splurge and tend to believe that higher price does equal higher quality (I know, I know, before we start the lectures, this is not always true) but $78 for 1oz is steep. Is it worth $78? I don’t know, but it is lovely and looks great on my vanity.

The texture is gorgeous, it glides on the skin and blends like a dream. I was pleasantly surprised that it blended even more easily than my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, and it really just sinks into the skin and becomes completely imperceptible to the eye. Incredible! The coverage isn’t my favorite, but I really like a flawless look with a light-as-air texture and moisturizing base, so I am not easy to please. Everyone’s view of coverage is different, but I would say this is light to just-barely medium, if you layer it. That said, the finish is absolutely stunning. It photographs better than almost anything else I own, and is the perfect luminous but not shiny look, and dries just a touch matte.  Tom Ford has mastered the illusion of beautiful, healthy skin – which I think is gorgeous.

I am still a little undecided about the lasting power. I have dry skin and find that while I certainly don’t need to powder it, the lasting power is improved if you do. Some days I feel it holds up under the pressure of PR really well, meaning that when I leave the office at 9pm I don’t look that bad, but I certainly don’t look freshly made up and glowing. Could be the long hours/lack of sleep/stress, or it could be that my foundation left me virtually bare-faced at 4pm, I just am not sure with this one. It does not flake or streak, which you would expect from a luxury product.

Overall I am quite pleased with this, and consider it one of my favorite weekend foundations. Would I pay $78 to repurchase it? Probably not, but that’s because I love to try new things and always think the foundation grass is greener. If you are looking for a luminous “your skin but much, much better” foundation and have a little cash to flash, this is a great an amazing choice and I highly recommend it!

I am now dying to try additional Tom Ford beauty products, particularly the Shade & Illuminate sculpting palette that I have heard rave reviews about and the gorgeous eye palettes.


If there is a worst photography award for a new beauty blog, I’ve earned it. I sadly don’t have time to to take photos during daylight hours, and as a result all of my images look a bit dodgy. My apologies! I have resolved to take all photos on the weekends during the day, and hopefully that will improve things.

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