Review: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

This is a miracle product. And I say that as someone who regularly tortures their hair with bleach, a blow drier and a curling iron and doesn’t even feel that bad about it. (Cue the villain laughter). However, like most women, I have the (very reasonable) expectation that I can have my cake and eat it too. Is it really too much to ask for long, bright blonde, healthy shiny hair? I mean really, is it?

Actually, yes – it is. And so, rather than compromise on any of the above, I buy extravagantly expensive hair care products and expect them to cure the damage I have wrought. Often, they fall short, but this little tub of joy has really proved its worth in my bathroom cabinet. It is a thick solid oil (think coconut oil in a tub) and based on other reviews I have read a lot of people seem to struggle with the application. Unlike many hair masks, you put this on PRIOR to showering. While this at first seems odd, it makes a lot of sense to let it sink in for a full 20 minutes before you shampoo to wash out the oil before you style. You just scoop out the solid mask and rub it between your hands until it is warm and turns to an oil, and then smear it all over your DRY hair, obviously concentrating on the ends. The package states to saturate the hair roots to tips, but I don’t like to go quite all the way to the roots. I have found it is important that you actually saturate the hair though, so don’t be stingy! It takes me about three rounds of scooping, rubbing and applying to get my hair nice and covered in product. I then run a wide tooth come through everything to make sure it is well distributed. I just pin up my hair, take a lovely bath, and shampoo and condition as usual in 20 minutes. After this weekly ritual, I am left with soft, shiny healthy looking hair! Incredible!

Now, I have read some reviews in which people complain that this weighs down their hair or feels a little greasy. Personally, I think both are probably true to an extent, but I would much rather sacrifice a bit of bounce in my hair for two days to get shiny healthy looking ends ANY TIME. Plus, if you are going to saturate your hair in oil, is it really reasonable to expect that no residue is going to be left? No, that’s t he point! If the very idea of putting oil in your hair scares you, and even the argan oil craze hasn’t won you over, than this oil-based product is definitely not the right choice for you. But if you have really damaged hair, long for healthy shampoo-modelesque shine and can deal with a less than perfect smell and a little less bounce at your crown, then this stuff is a lifesaver, and I strongly recommend it!

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Available at Sephora or for $19.50 – $33.00

I only have the small sample size tub (1.5oz) but I will be purchasing the largest size as soon as mine runs out!

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